Why do journalists get names wrong?

1. Failure to double-check at the point of interview
2. Assumptions
3. Sloppy note-taking

Getting names wrong affects your credibility and the newspaper. After all, readers will wonder: If you can't get a name right, how can you get anything else right? How many of us have received an invitation, trophy, plaque or letter with our name misspelled? Remember how you felt? Enough said.

Tips to Never Misspell A Name Again
1. Spell back the name to your subject
2. Show your subject the spelling in your notebook
3. Double-check the name in the phonebook
4. Never assume: Smith isn't always Smith. It can be Smyth. Trisha isn't always Trisha. It can be Tricia.  Linda isn't always Linda. It can be Lynda.

-- Gregg McLachlan