Thing: An unspecified object or item (Oxford Dictionary)

Want to frustrate your readers? Tell them about things. Lots of things. Like that thing you did last weekend. Or that thing that drives you crazy. Or maybe it's a thing you've been thinking about doing for months.

Here's the thing: Unless you elaborate, nobody has a clue about the thing.

Have you ever stomped around your house or office yelling "Where's that thing I left over there?"

"What thing?" comes the response.

"The file folder on contact names," you reply.

"Oh, that. Yes, I saw it over by the photocopier," the other person answers.

Life is so much easier when we're clear not vague.

Remember the TV show The Addams Family? Remember Thing? Can't remember Thing? Well, Thing was a hand. The hand in the box.

"Oh yeah! Now I know what Thing is!"

The message is simple: Explain your things 

-- Gregg McLachlan