Have you written any corrections lately? 'Corrections' call into question
our credibility. You can improve your accuracy when you L-E-A-R-N from your

L -  Listen to callers who point out mistakes. Rather than be defensive, see
their point of view. Put yourself in their shoes.

E - Evaluate how you made the mistake. Was it by making assumptions? Lack of
fact checking? Inaccurate notetaking?

A - Acknowledge when you've made an error and how you made it.

R - Refrain from making excuses. Excuses won't solve the causes that lead to

N - Never file and forget your corrections. Too many times corrections
appear in the newspaper and then are forgotten for all eternity. Clip your
corrections and keep them in a private place. Every so often, review them.
They can serve as important reminders on accuracy.

-- Gregg McLachlan